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Welcome to Property Construction Consult

We believe in meeting you personally to enable us to assess your needs accurately.

We are passionate about providing both a professional and affordable project consultancy service.

We are equipped to handle any type of project, from residential to mining, commercial, civil and retail requirements.

The Mining Industry

…use us because our owner, Hendrik Grobler, has a wealth of experience gained over many years as a general manager in charge of civil construction operations in the industry.

The Residential Market

…use us for, inter-alia, in-depth reports on the condition of residential properties to ensure the integrity of the home.

The Commercial, Civil & Retail Sectors

…use us to provide professional cost and site management services that operate within a satisfactory budgetary and project completion date framework

How We Work

When it comes to construction, we are your go-to guys. You can sit back and relax while our team of experts handle the daily management and quality control measures to ensure the implementation and the completion of a successful project. We will give you peace of mind by implementing the following steps:

STEP 1: Making contact to schedule a meeting

At this stage, we will listen to your requirements and draft a project plan. This will be done strictly according to your specifications.

STEP 2: Analyse Project Information

After we have received all the project information, we will analyse the data and set about drafting relevant proposals to ensure a successful end result.

STEP 3: Compilation of Project Management Plan

At this crucial stage, we will focus on key elements such as budgetary constraints, risks, completion deadline dates and client specifications.

STEP 4: Execute Project Plan

We will oversee and manage the entire project. This includes putting safety measures into place, meeting deadlines and ensuring quality workmanship of the end product.

STEP 5: Close Out

When the project reaches completion, we at PCC take pride in our efforts to maintain customer satisfaction and peace of mind. This is achieved by using our technical expertise to implement and execute a successful project from inception to completion.

Ready to find out more?

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What sets PCC apart from its competitors?

Property Construction Consult operates in a niche market. Its goal is to provide clients with carefully drafted systems that will safeguard them from any potential financial losses. We are experts in the construction field and are associated with recognised organisations such as:

The Project Management Institute. Membership of this elite organisation, with more than 500,000 global members, highlights the company’s dedication to clients and gives us an edge in the marketplace.

The South African Home Inspection Training Academy, which certifies the company as property assessment practitioners.

The Association of South African Quantity Surveyors. PCC director, Hendrik Grobler, qualified as a quantity surveyor when completing a Bachelor of Science degree at Pretoria University.

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