Construction Cost Services

This aspect of our brief involves construction cost and management estimates. Services can range from basic to the full scope and include:

Construction cost estimation

Using parametric estimating, we divide a project into work units to arrive at a cost estimation. The bulk of the expenses is for labour, materials, equipment, financing, services, utilities such as the on-site use of water and electricity, plus any additional overheads.

Project feasibility studies

We implement feasibility studies to determine the project’s viability. We need to assure our clients that their project is both legally and technically feasible, not to mention that it must also be economically justifiable. In other words, a feasibility study reveals whether or not a project is worth the monetary investment.

Compilation of Bills of Quantities and tender documents

We compile the Bills of Quantities. These provide project-specific quantities of all the items of work that are identified in the drawings and specifications contained in the tender documentation.

Project cost management

Project Cost Management (PCM) uses technology to measure the cost and productivity throughout the life of the project. PCM includes accounting, collecting field data, design, estimating, job controls and scheduling.

Final accounts and closeout

PCC will provide the client with a Final Account of cost that is payable at the end of a building project. This hand-over constitutes the successful completion of the project.


PCC will compile construction contracts between all parties, and enforce where necessary.

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