Project Management

Our full scope of project management involves the following:

Define project scope

We will monitor the status of the project and implement any necessary changes along the way. This management and control process allows the project guidelines to be maintained and successfully implemented throughout the project.

Compile and manage project plan

We will meet with clients and identify their needs.

We will set goals and priorities, and ensure they are reached.

We will define and deliver deliverables.

We will create and manage the project schedule.

We will identify risks, and ensure a positive outcome.

Compile and manage project budget

We can never over-emphasise the importance of a well-managed construction project budget. That old adage, “time is money”, holds true to the building industry and with our expertise you, the client, will avoid any unnecessary expenditure.

Monitoring and Quality Control

Monitoring and quality control are crucial to the success of any project objective. Our team at PCC will ensure that your project is delivered on time and within budgetary boundaries.

Ensure safety compliance

Safety is one of our top priorities. To this end, we conduct regular site inspections and, when necessary, will call safety meetings with site workers.

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