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Our Property Assessment service is all-encompassing. This is an aspect of our work in which we take great pride. As a member of the South African Home Inspection Training Academy, PCC is certified as a recognised property assessment practitioner. We report back to our clients after conducting an inspection to ascertain the condition of the properties in question. This is an essential service that assures prospective home buyers, and sellers, that the property is in good condition. Our inspections include detailed reporting on the following:

Moisture problems

Apart from causing structural damage, damp properties can cause unpleasant health issues. The build-up of moisture can lead to fungal growth and trigger the onset of rot.

Structural integrity

Our Structural Integrity Assessment will ascertain whether or not the building under construction will be able to withstand the purpose for which it is being used, both safely and reliably throughout its predicted lifespan.

The condition of the roof

A well-constructed and a leak-free roof is crucial to the wellbeing of any building, be it residential, commercial or industrial. Roof construction swallows a huge chunk of a construction budget, so getting it right from the outset is vitally important.

Water damage

Water damage can compromise any building. At PCC, we will pinpoint the problem and implement a repair plan to safeguard the structure from any further future damage.


South African legislation states that all plumbing components must comply with set standards. Burst pipes or leaks result in damage and financial losses. At PCC we assess the accessibility and placement of the necessary plumbing installations.

Insulation properties

We ensure that the correct insulation materials are used in the construction phase. This allows for good air flow in the hot summer months and heat entrapment in the colder seasons.

Electrical CoC (Optional)

As an optional service, PCC will issue a Certificate of Compliance (CoC) to verify that all electrical installations comply with current legislation. This sector of the construction phase is detailed in the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

Swimming pools

Planning permission must be obtained for the construction of a swimming pool. We will assess and manage this addition to your property.


Like most aspects of construction, windows must comply with certain building regulations. We will make sure that your “windows to the world” meet those regulations and that they are properly fitted.

Fencing and railings

Safety is key to the proper installation of fencing and railings.

Wall and floor finishes

Sub-standard workmanship can result in premature wear and tear to walls and floors. We make sure that builders get this right from the outset.

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