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Many complications can arise when living in a shared community, such as a sectional title development. By making use of our expertise and experience, our sectional title clients save themselves many hours of valuable time and unnecessary stress.

In terms of current legislation, all Body Corporates must implement a 10 Year Maintenance Plan. This Plan is devised to eliminate unnecessary added costs and levy hikes for owners in sectional title schemes.  With our experience and industry know-how, we are able to formulate systems and plans to assist sectional title schemes to side-step any financial pitfalls.

PCC also offers its clients a Sectional Title Management service. We take on the responsibility for the management of sectional title property schemes and homeowners associations. We offer effective financial management and reporting services, leaving sectional title developers free from the burden of this onerous task. In our role as a property managing agent, we take care of the everyday administration and management of sectional title schemes on behalf of the developer or of the residents of the scheme.

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